Private security companies in Bulgaria - please help

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Private security companies in Bulgaria - please help

Post by yelena1988 » 07 Aug 2012, 00:36

I am student of international relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. I work a comparative study on private security in the Balkans and I would like to ask you to answer the following questions (despite you are technician:):

1. What are the biggest private security companies in Bulgaria (is there a monopoly, G4S or 3S COT any other home-based company)?
2. Does any of this companies has a monopoly over the transport of cash? If not, which are specialized in money transport (from big shopping centres)?
3. Are there any records, where data about the size of companies in this industry are available ?
4. Do you know any political, economical context of specific company, are any threats present (TIM group etc) / you can send me personal message.

If you know a forum, specialized in private securing or even military or police sector, please list it here:)

In anticipation of your response I thank you in advance.
Great regards,

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