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and WORKING for the innovative start-up venture iTRUX

You are
You are an academic bachelor student who wants to build a good basis for a successful future career by combining high-level master studies with working in an innovative global company.
You are fanatically driven to the development of new mechanical products with superior de-sign. You have some knowledge of CAD and a strong willingness to specialize in it (Catia).
It doesn’t scare you off that iTrux imposes severe requirements on the student’s profile, as for all employees, and expects a true commitment and not a "Nine to Five" mentality. You work thoroughly, have an eye for detail and continue until each project is 'finished'. Stress resistance and a positive attitude are a must!
Participating in a small team to build an innovative company with global ambitions fascinates you, even if it means from time to time manual work like prototype construction, establishing homologation files, installation of refrigeration units and hydraulic lifts, ... You are handy and gifted to see by doing what should be modified on working methods and products to simplify and speed up assembly, to increase quality and service life and to reduce maintenance costs. Thereby lead your manual tasks to higher productivity of workmen.

iTrux demands the best from the best people. So it’s only right they’re rewarded with the best benefits, including housing at the expense of iTrux in Sint-Martens-Leerne (12 km from Ghent in Belgium) together with other students (max. 5), paying all study costs, travelling costs, use of a car, telephone costs, social security, healthcare, life insurance, etc…
High bonuses and length of service may multiply exponentially the income.
For your benefit you will be officially categorized as working and not as a student, so that your work will count for your seniority and fully contributes to future pension payments.

For more details check the flyer:

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